The Quick Guide to Preparing Your House for Sale

28 May 2018

Preparing your property for sale requires some effort and elbow grease that will pay off. A home needs to make an impression on potential buyers in just a few minutes, so you’ll need to make sure it’s memorable. These are the all-important steps to preparing your property for sale in Sydney and surrounds.

Decluttering and a deep clean

The simplest and fastest way to improve your property to prepare it for sale is to free it from the everyday objects that we all tend to have in our homes. That means removing keys, personal photos, toys and tools and keeping them out of sight, then opening up the window coverings to let the light in. The next step is a deep clean of kitchens and bathrooms to ensure the home feels fresh, clean and inviting.

Repairs and maintenance

Whether you’re selling a lifestyle block in a rural setting or a townhouse in the suburbs, buyers will be looking for any flaws that could indicate poor build quality. It’s time to look at your property with fresh eyes and carry out those small repair jobs that can make all the difference. Tighten loose handles, patch dents or chips and give any old paint jobs a fresh coat. For rural properties, go for a drive and ensure gates and fencing are all in good working order.

Look to gardens and landscaping

Your garden or driveway is what provides the very first impression to potential buyers so it’s worth spending a day or two ensuring the lawn is mowed, garden beds are weeded and any driveways are swept or sprayed clean. Adding mulch around trees and plants can be a surprisingly simple way to improve the street appeal of your garden, and a couple of potted plants near the front door can often soften its appearance.

Home staging and furniture rental

If you’ve already moved into your new home or simply want to maximise your sales price in a competitive market, then you might also consider staging the house to create a welcoming impression. You can either hire furniture directly and arrange this yourself, or have professional stylists come into the home and create a sense of lifestyle that potential buyers will love. Remember to keep colour schemes neutral so people can see the property’s best features and imagine their own life there.

Professional photography and listings

If you go to all of this trouble and then use standard photos in your property listings, then you may be selling yourself short. Your property agent should offer professional-level photographs that highlight the desirable attributes of the property, whether it’s the double sinks in the bathroom or the spacious workshop on a rural property. It can sometimes even pay to use drone photography to demonstrate the quality and space of premium properties.

Do your research on pricing

Now that your property is spick and span you’ll want to be mentally prepared for its sale. Your property agent should be in touch to explain their expectations. When it’s time for your first inspection, give everything a quick check over before you leave and then wait to hear from your agent for their feedback and updates.