Tips for Selling Your Property at the Highest Price

28 April 2018

It’s only natural that you’ll want maximum returns for the property you’re planning to put up for offer, but achieving that maximum price can sometimes be challenging for the uninitiated. Before you search for the right property agent or choose to sell your own home, read through our tips for selling your property at the highest possible price.

Speak with a specialty property agent

Acreage and lifestyle blocks can be difficult to compare in value for the average seller or buyer, as each property tends to be entirely unique. Rather than spend hours online trying to find comparable sales prices, you can contact a specialist property agent in your area. Those who facilitate similar transactions on a daily basis will have a clear idea of the prices you can expect in the current market and the local area. Dealing with those in the know means you’re less likely to accept an offer that’s too low.

Choose and understand your market

Your property can’t be perfect for all people, so it’s important to consider who is likely to buy it. If it’s an ideal home for a young family or for a retiring couple, then language can be adapted to focus on the features that are important to them. You may even wish to make some changes to the property to add to its appeal for the buyer group with the most potential, as long as it is likely to improve the final sales price. Here’s where a good property agent is worth their weight in gold as they can tell you what’s currently in demand.

Consider all of your options

Have you considered developing your land to maximise its returns for you? Zoning can change in many areas and if your property is in a good location then you could possibly consider subdividing or redeveloping it. Not every property will be appropriate for this process, but it’s certainly an option worth considering for rural and lifestyle blocks in prime locations. Once again, your trusted property agent can assist with locally-based advice to assist with your decision.

Leave emotion out of it

This is easier said than done when you’re selling your own property, but when it comes to achieving the highest possible price you will need to be thinking clearly and logically. Set your minimum possible price, record it and when an offer comes in, look at the situation objectively. Does the price set you up well for your future goals? Does it provide a suitable return for the time you’ve owned it? By leaving emotions at the door you’ll be better prepared to negotiate the highest possible value for your hard-earned investment.