139 Cabbage Tree Rd GROSE VALE

When I began the sale process for my 11 acre residential property in Grose Vale, I spoke to a number of real estate agencies. Craig Donkin was the only one who was quick to respond with a formal appraisal and a comprehensive sales strategy.

His assessment included repairs and improvements I could make to the property to enhance its sale value. Throughout the sale process, Craig was always available to discuss any aspect of the sale, whether that be on weekends or late at night (which was important to me). His office was also open to take calls from buyers 7 days a week (whereas most agents close on Sundays).

Craig’s advice was honest and open without any hidden agendas. His experience in setting an accurate price for marketing the property was invaluable. The property sold within the first week at a price in excess of my expectations. Many agents can tell you what you want to hear by over-inflating the price and then let your property sit on the market for weeks or months. The value of an agent is in their honest and accurate assessment of your property’s worth and the sales strategy around that including marketing price, timing of sale and the preparation for sale. Craig exceeded my expectations in all these key areas.

If you are considering selling your property, then I can strongly recommend you speak to Craig Donkin very early in your process. I’d be happy to take a call to share with you my experience further.