12 Fourth Ave LLANDILO

First and foremost, I would like to thank Craig, Amelia and the team involved in selling our house at 12 Fourth Ave, Llandilo. My wife and I believed we had a well presented home, that would sell at some point in time, however we were also aware of the fact the back acre is earmarked for the Western Orbital and there is a small water course running along the perimeter of the fence. We did speak with a number of local agents within the area regarding selling our property, however it was Craig that seemed to understand what was involved with the rear acre, and with that gave both my wife and myself the confidence in having him as our lead agent.

Craig also picked up on certain features of the house that other agents missed, which showed an eye for detail. I believe he could gauge a customer quite quickly to determine whether they were a potential purchaser or another tire kicker. We are very satisfied with the outcome and the effort put in by both Craig and Amelia on open home days and throughout the entire process, and on top of that I would NOT think there would be too many agents that could sell the one house twice, in the space of approx four weeks. Thank you to ALL involved.