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You can trust an agency rooted in family values

Ready to take you on a journey that's been going strong since 1980, we're not your typical agents — we deal in acreage, lifestyle and commercial property day in and day out. With a stack of experience under our belts, we've grown into industry leaders who sell big and reach far. Our roots are deep, and our commitment to you is unshakeable, sprinkled with that family touch and genuine care in every deal.

The specialists that understand you

Picture a team of 30 pros, with complete knowledge of acreage, lifestyle, and commercial real estate. Even better, no matter how big we've gotten, we're still the same down-to-earth team, keeping our ties tight with the communities we love.

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The specialists you can trust

Your property is more than just your average 4 bedder down the street. We specialise in turning your particular property aspirations into reality. A family that understands your needs and a team ready to exceed your exceptions. We know what it takes to meet your property goals.

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The specialists
for generations

Our specialist knowledge is your unfair advantage. We understand your property's potential – because we deal in specialist properties, day in and day out. A Cutcliffe property is as unique as you are.


The specialists living and loving the Hawkesbury, Nepean and Hills lifestyle

We've been leading the real estate scene for a whopping 40 plus years. Yep, that's four decades of turning properties into dreams and making magic happen.

Our knowledge extends far beyond property lines, delving into zoning intricacies, development potential, specialty improvements, and land usage options. This wealth of insight has been a guiding light for many, turning love for unique properties and remarkable investments into tangible realities.

But our commitment goes beyond property transactions; it's about thriving communities. We're not just agents; we're active members of the community, and deeply aware of the honour bestowed upon us daily. Taking care of such a valuable asset is not just a job, it's a privilege.