The specialists in protecting your investment

Can you get amazing service and maximum return on your investment?

When it comes to taking care of you, your investment, and your tenants, you get it all. Our team takes care of business by delivering first class results through strategic planning to maximise your return, freeing up your time to focus on other matters.

We're on a mission to deliver a seamless property management service coupled with great advice that helps you nurture and protect your asset.

The specialists at finding the perfect tenant

We're all about making a splash with quality multi-channel advertising, and professional photography. But we don't stop there – Our property managers, with the support of their team, are the cupids of the property world and are dedicated to finding a perfect match. And when it comes to the crucial step of applicant screening, consider it a thorough process that finds the one.

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The specialists at managing your property

Let's talk about the service your tenancy deserves. Imagine ongoing routine inspections that feel more like a friendly check-in than a formal procedure. We're not just talking emails; we're talking about a dedicated team that communicates with skill and takes care of every detail at your convenience, both now and in the future.

The specialists in building wealth

Our team stands tall with decades of experience in creating wealth for our investors. When it comes to size and scope, our approach is all-encompassing, ensuring we understand your financial needs and the unique offerings of your investment to maximise its potential.

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The specialists at every stage of the process

With over 40 years of growing our clients investments, we have created a smooth and seamless process. Because with us, property management is not just a service; it's an experience tailored just for you!

Engaging Cutcliffe

Appraisal and presentation

Achieve the highest price possible in an optimal amount of time informed by current market conditions. Presentation is paramount so our property managers will make recommendations to improve your return.

Management agency agreement and proof of ownership

We make this process easy by using REINSW agreements. Sign this face to face or electronically. Prior to signing the agreement, we require you to provide identification and a copy of your rate notice.

Compliance and Insurance

Our team arrange smoke alarm, water, and pool compliance, and annual fire safety statements as required. Your insurance requirements will differ depending on what sort of asset you own. It is critically important you have a policy that adequately covers your investment.

Property inclusions

We recommend you ensure everything is working in your investment prior to advertising. Items not included should be removed. If an item stops working, it must be replaced during the tenancy.

Finding the perfect tenant


Professional copy and photography is a must to showcase your investment on, and you'll feature on the Cutcliffe website. We attend an appointment with the photographer and walk them through your investment to ensure the best features of your asset are captured.


Benefit from the flexibility of private viewings and open inspections. Our property management team highlight all the features your investment has to offer.

Owner updates

We keep in contact with you to give you feedback on your investment. We believe that all feedback should be provided whether this is positive or negative so that you receive timely and accurate market feedback on your investment.


Tenants must satisfy their suitability by providing employment and financial records and a clean tenancy history. We then provide recommendations, and the final say is yours.

The tenancy

Preparing for tenancy

The approved tenant pays the bond and initial rent, the lease documents and a condition report with photographic evidence is prepared ready for signing.

Move in day

Now that the leases are signed and the bond and rent has been collected, it's time to hand over the keys to your tenant and the ongoing management commences. It is important that you no longer access the investment and communication will now be via our office.

Policy for arrears

We follow strict procedures and legal guidelines to ensure your rental payments are received into our trust account in accordance with the lease agreement.

Property maintenance and contractors

Early response to maintenance requests is key to keeping the costs low and maintaining good tenancy. We have many qualified contractors who offer first class service, a competitive rate, fast turnaround, and after-hours service in case of emergency.

Periodical inspections

We inspect your investment regularly and provide a professional report with photos and recommendations.

Growing your investment

Statements and financial reporting

We disburse funds on 1st of the month, but you can choose to be paid on the 1st and 15th of the month. Financial Statements are issued in July each year which provide a summary of income and expenditure for the financial year.

Return on your investment and lease renewals

We review your rent on an annual basis and provide you with recommendations based on market conditions and your asset. We can negotiate lease renewals and long-term leases as per your instructions.

Making the switch

Our property management team is here to make your investment journey a seamless one. Switching to us is a breeze – a simple, speedy, and pain-free process that puts you in control.

Simply fill out our rental appraisal form and we will take care of everything!

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Our property management team have made it their mission to not just to meet the bar for excellence but to raise it sky-high.